Hello! I'm Kelsee, Welcome to my website!

I'm a UWTSD Photography graduate, and an MA Photography Student! I work as a freelance photographer in South Wales, UK. I cover a range of services that you can ask me about via email.

In my photographic art practices, I work closely with both digital and film photography, with an increasing focus on analogue processes. I experiment and consider the materiality of the photograph and recently, the representational values of photographs.

Photography is my love, I'm passionate about landscape photography and portrait photography so it features in a large part of my portfolio. I absolutely love where I live here in The Afan Valleys so a lot of my favourite images are from my local area! I'm a really laid-back and relaxed photographer that just loves capturing special moments that can be cherished until the end of time. I'm also a sucker for pretty lighting!

Get in touch to tell me all about you and how I can help you capture those memories.